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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reign of Fury - Death Be Thy Shepherd

It speaks to the power of the genre that a band like Reign of Fury can be playing what might traditionally be viewed as 'classic metal' but are still managing to do something new with the genre. With an emphasis on guitarmonies and thrashy riffs, these guys have created a record that feels like a hyperspeed version of the scene in 1984. With touches of growls and hyperpolished production accenting the powerful (if occasionally forced) clean vocals, these guys master your ears and guide you to victory.

These guys understand flash, and for this reason the solos are a joy to listen too. The all out attack that dominates this record is tastefully done, it has a thrash metal sense of groove, yet the guitar tone, and the tuning are such that a fan of more mainstream bands could easily enjoy this. One thing I will note is that at times the songs feel a bit too long. This album could probably shave off up to fifteen minutes and feel even fresher. The thing is, the tracks themselves are not filler, they are just at times a bit too epic. However, let it be known, Reign of Fury definitely craft songs that can carry their weight. They will never leave you bored, they simply could be a bit more effective.

At the end of the day, Death Be Thy Shepherd will guide you into a place of heavy metal triumph. Technical to the point of being fun, but never dense, over the top but rarely corny, and high speed without being overwhelming Reign of Fury balance on a knifes edge. Yet as they thrust you into the storm, you can do naught but enjoy the ride. Let your hair down and dive into the pit, Reign of Fury understand what it means to rock, and they will get you stagediving and your body rocking all through the night.

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