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Friday, February 27, 2015

Shroud Eater - Face The Master

What I love about two song EP's is the way you can spin them again, and again, and again and they just don't get old. Shroud Eater, the demented Motorhead derive Florida sludge masters have put out such a release. A record that will crack your skull with primal heaviness and a wonderful touch of evil. These guys are all that sludge needs to be, and when they drive their way into your skull you find that there is no escape from the strange and punishing two song assault that this band has brewed up for us.

The magic of Face The Master lies not only in the punishing riffs but also the touches of atmospherics that help to keep things interesting. Shroud Eater have markedly improved since their last release, building on a triumphant formula that seems like it will never fail. These are songs that summarize the beautiful brutality of life and shove your face into the dirt. Shroud Eater grab you by the hair, beat your head into a wall, and then make you beg for more. These guys understand what it means to craft music that transcends mere sludge and speaks to the truest and most poignant of human emotions.

So let these songs wash over you, sure there's only two fo them, but Shroud Eater manage to say more in under ten minutes of music than a lot of bands can say on whole albums. This is a band who are breaking boundaries and have pioneered exciting, beautiful new ideas for their art. Shroud Eater get what sludge can be and seem destined to force fans to think greater. There is a very clear sense of beauty that permeates the work, beyond the generally abrasive qualities that show up on the surface and it speaks to the ethereal triumph of Face The Master.

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