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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Incinerate - Eradicating Terrestrial Species

There is something rather satisfying about Suffocation-esque face melting death metal replete with oppressive grunts and spiralling riffs. Incinerate have managed to carve out the kind of throat ripping death metal madness that leaves a pint of blood on the floor and forces the listener to wonder what the hell is going on in these guys lives. With their new record they have managed to take their distinct brand of old school death metal to the fore, crushing listeners skulls and forcing you to reconsider your place in this twisted society we have crafted for ourselves.

The way that these guys go all out for the duration of the record is impressive. Yet there is actually a method behind the madness. These are songs that smash your face into the ground, yet also give you a moment to breather with dark and oftentimes intimidating atmospherics. It maeks sense that Incinerate would be able to produce such an oppressive masterpiece. These are songs not of innocence but experience, there is something suffocating the music, forcing you to contemplate the fucked up reality we all face. See, these guys have been at it for years now, they understand what it means to create pure fucking death metal slaughter.

At the end of the day, what can you do but bang your head until you're all dead to the sound of metal that is glorious and pure. These are songs that have a manic dedication to all that is unholy. The grim and wondrously satanic magic of these tracks thunders proudly on. Sure, it may not be for everyone, but these Minnesota death metal gods have managed to put together years of work into something magical, something that will grind you into dust and inspire you to look at death in a strange and enlightening new way.

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