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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Six of Swords

I get a special tingling in my heart when I get a personal message from a promoter, especially the promoter for a band as sick as this one, simply put, it's pretty fetch. Tuned to Drop A and brutal as they come, Six of Swords is the kind of death metal band who understand the glory that death metal can have. The dedication to brutality here is impressive, and the ominous crush of songs like Lock the Cell is impressive. The spiralling quality that some of these riffs have is equally engaging. See, unlike many of their peers, Six of Swords have a distinct flavor to them that helps to keep the music in their new EP Polar Vortex so engaging. The one issue I have with this band is that the four songs found on this EP don't really give them time to develop their ideas. I feel that with a true LP, and some longer format songs that let them fully showcase their songwriting prowess Six of Swords could be truly special. As is, these guys are exciting and bringing forth fresh ideas in a stagnant realm. Go forth and get jiggy with it, this band will pound your bones to dust.

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