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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weedeater - Jason... The Dragon

I've probably said this somewhere before, but I really dig these Season of Mist rereleases, they're giving me a chance to go back and listen with a critical ear to music I first listened to when I was still in high school. One of my perennial favorites from Weedeater Jason... The Dragon was the kind of record that I would show my weed-scented metal friends and watch them freak out at the seedy and dope-smoking riffs. Deep and dark, Jason... The Dragon is the kind of thing that will force you to genuflect before the altar to cannabis that Weedeater have made for themselves.

The riffs on this record have all of the groovy madness that defines the Weedeater sound, but I've always felt this particular album sees Weedeater branch out a little bit, be it with the moody acoustics found towards the end of the record or the hints at black metal found in faster riffs. They come together and show us that Weedeater is more than 'that group of stoned dudes' but a veritable rock and roll force. Jason... The Dragon sees Weedeater at their emotional peak, surprisingly touching for a band who make such an effort to come across as dank. Yet there is true sadness, and true happiness on this release, and for me it confirms the bands place in heavy metal history.

At the end of the day, Weedeater are still Weedeater and nothing you can do will change that. There has always been a clear evolution in how these guys sounded and now that we're at the end of their re-releases (Unless of course Season of Mist decided to put out 2014s split with Pins of Light) I feel like I have come to a deeper understanding of the band. Sure Weedeater may be junkies, but their is something a lot more profound going on here. So dig in and find the light, Weedeater have true beauty behind them.

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