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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sumac - The Deal

Sumac are the kind of loud, and oftentimes borderline destructive doom metal band who bring forth unholy noises out of the crypt and into your pathetic earholes. These guys are crafting ugly soundscapes that force you to look at the darkness within and realize the strange beauty that horror can have. Oppressive and immaculate, The Deal is the kind of thing that makes you look at yourself and wonder where you went wrong. It makes you stronger and darker, an album that can blacken the soul.

See, the driving rhythms here are nicely contrasted by the trudging nature that many of the riffs have. The perpetual crush of a song like The Deal will get you into a sort of groove, finding your way deeper into the pit as you seek to understand the fucked up nature of this world. The vocals have a wonderfully twisted quality to them. They come out from a place most have forgotten, brutal and lonely, and more than a little vicious. There is a very physical effect borne out of some of these songs, as if it speaks to something deeper. At one point I had to make sure my ribcage wasn't being torn apart, these guys are simply that good.

It's impressive that a band can in just a few spins force you to reconsider key aspects of reality, but Sumac seem to do it. There noisey mystique contrasted with riffs that have just enough bluesiness to be familiar despite their Swans-like obsession with filth is fascinating. This is an album that I know I will have to spin again and again in order to fully understand. Sumac have found their way into a sort of strange new earth, and one I'm not sure I want to be a part of. It's bold, beautiful, and quite frankly, terrifying.

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