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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Torche - Restarter

Torche, a band who seem infinitely heavy, yet who also have this insane rock vibe, what do you even do with that? There is a sense of artsiness to this record too that can't be ignored. Torche have managed to pull together the sort of record that captures the imagination. It takes you across vivid sonic landscapes and forces you to reconsider what rock music can be. Quite possibly their greatest musical statement to date, Restarter will leave you wondering what happened to you, and where you're going to go next.

What really gets me about Torche is that they are able to combine a sort of spaced out and extremely heavy vibe with some tasty rock tunes. They fuse these two things together to create a piece of music that leaves you shaken, even the first noise section on Annihilation Affair suggests that this record is going to be different. With Restarted Torche really managed to let go of any sort of paradigms holding them back and show that they are musical gods only now starting to be recognized. You fall into the weird world this album has created and there's no coming out. Sure there's a lot of raw noise, but that noise is so sublime.

Ultimately, I'm not sure where that leaves you, the listener. All I can say is that Restarter is proof there is still a lot of new ground to be covered in rock and roll. Torche are wonderfully brutal, but more than that they force you to think and realize that beneath their layers of harmony, heaviness, and whatever else goes into one of their songs, there is an element of beauty. Restarter is an album that may make you cry, but it might also make you mosh. It captures a wealth of human emotion and leaves the rest at the door, so go check it out. 

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