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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Anchor - Distance & Devotion

Anchor belong to a specific breed of punk derived modern rock that is a lot of fun to listen too because it takes the artsier formulations of bands like The Killers and invokes it with a stripped back desperation, keeping things fresh and angry. Anchor understand what it means to get the listener to dance to the beat of a demented drum, and letting the grooves of Distance & Devotion sink in is no hard task. A band with a great sense of themselves, Distance & Devotion will guide you step by step to salvation.

The way this band hints at hardcore desperation with its terrifying soundscapes and punishing vocals before reverting back into modern rock fun is endlessly fascinating to me. Anchor understand what it means to bring these sorts of unrelenting grooves, and then somehow turn it into a choir singing on top of a buzzing guitar tone as they do in the albums epic closer, Nightcaller. See, Anchor deliver with a sense of clear dedication and knowledge of what they are doing. The forward momentum of this band is remarkable and speaks to their skill as songwriters who can guide you into the sublime abyss.

Digging into Distance & Devotion is a lot of fun, it's a record that you can get into on the first listen, but also one that you can spin time and time again. These guys have a pretty distinct formula, using liberal doses of punk to keep prog rock instrumentations in check. The thing is, Anchor speak to the human experience with songs that are more complicated than meets the eye. With positive lyrics and anthemic choruses, I am truly excited to delve into the discography of these modern day rock and roll saviours.

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