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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Interview with Dead Gakkahs

For those who have missed out on my introduction to this band back in November last year, Dead Gakkahs is an absolutely killer Fastcore/punk band hailing from South Korea that I discovered during one of my lucky hours searching for new music on the web.
I had always wondered how, despite the growing interest in South Korean culture in the West, we had yet to hear about the countries talents in the indie music scene. It was during one of these curiosity-fueled internet searches that I encountered with this exceptional, ferocious act from Seoul. I was lucky enough to get in contact with the band and ask them a few quick questions about their background as well as the punk scene in South Korea.

1.        So to start things off, could you tell us how you guys started out?
Dead Gakkahs started out 2 years ago by our vocalist and guitarist Juhl with the intention of playing music amongst the likes of bands like Sugar Pie Coco.

2.        How would you describe your music?
The best way to define it would be Fastcore, Thrashcore. We basically focus on playing fast music. We just want to sing and call assholes out. We’re neither left nor right wing, we oppose authoritarianism, bureaucracy and social stratification, and that’s what our songs stand for.

3.        What are you main influences?
Bands like Sugar Pie Coco, Punch, Fuck on the beach

4.    Despite the growing interest in Korean culture over the past few years, korean indie music culture still doesn't get much coverage. Could you tell us a bit more about the punk/metal scene in Korea?
The Korean punk scene seems smaller than that of other countries. However that doesn’t mean that it’s flat or boring at all. Although the quality of the songs are the primary aspect of any kind of music, we think the business part (event planning, promotion, management etc…) is also important. Our hardcore punk scene friends are always thinking of ways to make the scene more fun. Hopefully, the more interestingly the local punk scene is run, the more active it will eventually become. But in society run by capital, everything runs on money. Every day consumerism grows stronger, land prices increase… it’s very hard these days.

5.    Could you recommend any other bands from the Korean music scene to our readers?
The Kitches, Find the Spot, Scumraid. These are all ripping and passionate bands from the local Korean scene.

6. If you could tour with any band (active or disbanded), who would it be?
Sugar Pie Coco. Masshysteri

7. To finish things off, what can we expect from Dead Gakkahs in the future?
We plan to release split album and hope to release a full length album after that.
A huge thank you goes out to the band for taking the time to answer my questions.
Again, I can only reinstate my suggestion that you take 1 minute of your time to check out their lightning-fast songs. Before you know it, you’ll be playing the whole demo on repeat for the 5 time in a row.

My review for their self-titled debut release:

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