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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Fractals of Derangement (Brutal Death Metal) cover art

I'll admit I never got into the whole brutal death metal/slam thing beyond bands like Benighted, who, admittedly, are local heroes in France. That being said, Biopsy certainly know how to crush. With extremely brutal (yet oftentimes too soft!) vocals and crushing grooves these guys get at the sort of primitive destruction that rightfully defines the genre. A band who are unafraid to bash your skull in and come charging out of the gate at a million miles an hour, there is a lot to dig into with their new EP Fractals of Derangement. When the band breaks into more identifiable riffs though is when you get a sense of how good they have the potential to be. The moments that Biopsy surrenders to groove, or even Slayer-derived storms of notes falling off the E string like bullets you realize that these guys have the potential to tear fans limb from limb. So let the music poison you and leave you stripped, raped and mangled, Biopsy are coming for your life.

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