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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dormant Inferno/Dionysus - Beyond Forgotten Shores

I'm really digging the scene out in India right now, and it's cool to see an Indian band doing a split with a Pakistani one, especially considering the troubled relationship between the two countries. Here though we have two band who compliment each other nicely and have exciting sounds that are surprisingly symphonic and sophisticated. Dormant Inferno reek of symphonic black metal, yet are far more down to earth than bands like Dimmu Borgir. Meanwhile, Dionysus have an ethereal approach that will capture your imagination and carry you away.

Dormant Inferno couch some rather primitive black metal underneath powerful keys that are largely classically derived. This band dominate the first half of Beyond Forgotten Shores and their long form songs are fascinating to listen too. It's really cool to hear a band who grew up with far different paradigms than me crafting heavy metal that people love. Sure it's still a bit primal at times and not as polished as it could be, but it's a great start. The same goes for Dionysus who provide some of the most intense and interesting doom/black/ambient metal I've heard in a good long while. These guys too are lacking in production quality, yet make up for it in touching songs that have an undeniably human element that make this band great.

At the end of the day, what more do we have than the raw and beautiful humanity of the darker side of the music world? Beyond Forgotten Shores speaks to that, with an oftentimes understated grace, both of these bands show that there is a brave future for metal in the Indian subcontinent. The thing is, these bands both seem to convey a sense of hope, and as I find myself falling into the wonderfully lush, yet oftentimes stripped down soundscapes that they create, I can't help but smile at the beauty found therein.

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