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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blackning - Order Of Chaos

Brazilian thrash metal, those three words provoke the imagination in a way don't they? Asides from conjuring images of bands like Sepultura you also get a sense of a whole culture, a veritable world painted around what it means to be a Brazilian thrasher. Perhaps that is why I've always been excited by bands like Blackning, groups that are only just starting to rise out of Brazil, yet seem full of potential. Wonderfully heavy with a delicious touch of evil keeping things exciting, their new record Order Of Chaos is a force to be reckoned with.

As you get into the chunky riffs that define this record, it's easy to see where Blackning come from musically. Sure, the Sepultura influence is there, but they also have a lot of other tasty parts that keep Order Of Chaos really satisfying. These are songs that rely heavily on the power of the bottom end to punch you in the gut, time and time again. The solos have a bit more order to them than most other thrash tracks, and the way the songs come together to form bone crushing anthems of brutality is impressive to watch. Not a lot of thrash bands focus on songwriting these days, yet there is something delectable about the pieces Blackning present that makes this record worth many a spin.

As Order Of Chaos winds down with an Overdose cover (Which shows some serious thrash-dorkery) you get a sense of the immensity of the travail behind this album. Sure it's no palindromic conceptual doom record, but Blackning speak to the human spirit and they have the sort of sound that can be appreciated by metalheads the world 'round. I think as they develop on their chunky riffs and hone their sound into a truly distinctive force then these boys obsessed with denim and leather as they are have the chance to reign eternal.

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