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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Hallowed Catharsis - Organic Entrenchment

EP II: Organic Entrenchment cover art

There is a certain surreal charm to music that revels in brutality and uses lots of notes to communicate a simple message, kill. I'm probably being reductionist, but that's the thing about The Hallowed Catharsis's new EP Organic Entrenchment it can be appreciated on multiple levels. There's this really cool tech death thing they have going on, with all sorts of squirrelly riffs, but you also have a sense of stripped down hatred fueling the music. The sublime sense of darkness, the taste of evil that defines Organic Entrenchment is easy to get lost in and speaks to the poetic magic of this band. Vancouver is a veritable hotbed of tasty metal these days, and The Hallowed Catharsis seem to only be getting better with a second EP that sees them more polished and ready to make their victims suffer. Sure things could be a bit more focused here and there, but I know the band will get tighter with time. Let your hair down and get into the pit, because the scatterbrained Canadians in The Hallowed Catharsis are bringing destruction in a glorious fashion

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