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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Spiral of Deception cover art

Norwegian death metal is always fun to listen too and kind of speaks to a sort of morbid reality that we all will one day have to face. Cognition are the kind of band who have an inspiring and powerful sound that manages to hearken back to the old gods but still remain fresh. With a distinctly ugly attack and some truly evil vocals, Cognition have managed to invoke true darkness on their new record Spiral of Deception. This is the kind of thing that haunts dreams at night as it drives its way into your mind with strangely mesmerizing riffs and immediately striking song structures. Cognition are building towards something more powerful than I think most could imagine. As their sound evolves I only see these guys getting better, they are inspiring and powerful with a sound that is fairly iconoclastic. Definitely a band who are taking a step forward in a crowded scene, these guys seem ready to go for the throat.

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