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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Karma To Burn/Sons Of Alpha Centauri

A seven inch that features two killer instrumental stoner metal bands, this split between Karma To Burn and Sons Of Alpha Centauri is powerful, and at times almost meditative. Evoking old school magic there is something inspiring here, bands who take tried and true formulas and craft them into something a lot darker and more poignant, yet also strangely mesmerizing. The beauty in this split, from both bands, comes not from the technicality of the music but the wonderfully unique ways the songs are structured.

As you dig into this record it's easy to see that Sons Of Alpha Centauri could very well be the next Karma To Burn. While Karma To Burn have had their powerful stoner rock sound locked into a groove for years now, no one (With the possible exception of French rockers Abysse) has been able to create something similar until now. Sons Of Alpha Centauri have a sound that is almost progressive in nature. The way these guys craft their tracks to inspire the listener and guide them on a sort of quasi-spiritual journey is actually really cool and more than proves the raw potential that this band has.

At the end of the day, this is the kind of split that can guide you off to sleep and into a strange new beautiful world. The thing with records like this is that you can spin them again and again, 7 inches are like potato chips, they're strangely addictive, the kind of thing you can just get really into and then 15 spins later realize you just spent the last two hours listening to this record. So go out, give it a spin, and revel in the simplistic majesty that has for so long defined both of these acts and made them truly great.

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