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Monday, March 30, 2015

Elder, Fight Amp and The Company Corvette at the Kung Fu Necktie

Shit's been tough lately, but shit's tough for everyone, and that's why we have metal. Take a look around, at the misery of the world, and then jam some heavy riffs and good vibes. Nights like last night remind me why I do this and why I make the sacrifices I do for this music. Every once in a while you get a night like Sunday, where the riffs kick in and the guitar solos are hot. With a killer lineup featuring two bands I've dug for years, last night was the type of evening that inspires me to go forward.

First up was The Company Corvette whose fairly standard issue stoner rock was made exciting by interesting guitar effects. The spacey wah pedal parts helped to make The Company Corvette fun to listen too. Though their music isn't quite as organic as I'd like it to be, the band seem to have a very good sense of their own musical changes and shifts, creating a fascinating soundscape upon which they project incomprehensible vocals that have a heady Weedeater vibe to them. There punishing grooves set a nice vibe in the room and got everyone psyched up for the magic that was to come.

Now, I've wanted to see Fight Amp since I was about 15 or 16, there stoner-hardcore-whatever mix always intrigued me. I'm happy to report that they were all I wanted and more. There straight ahead grooves and wicked stage presence was a joy to watch and the way that they gave their all in surprisingly fast and aggressive songs was delicious. They punished the listeners with an aural assault of truly grandiose proportions. As I slipped into the groove I started to feel the infectious power of the bands music. Their set was fast and furious, wholly satisfying and proving that these guys have what it takes to reign eternal.

Elder came up and kicked ass even harder then when I had seen them in Paris. Always a band who get right into the groove, I'm so glad that I'm going to be seeing them two more times in the next couple of months. There is a sense of cosmic power in this band, the way they just straight up go for it, leaving you with your jaw on the floor as they shake rattle and roll to orgasmic bliss is impressive. There encore blew me away and I think definitively proved that these guys, with their diverse sound and unrelenting passion for heaviness truly 'get' what kind of vibes we need just to survive and are one of the best bands in heavy music today. As they broke into the last guitar solo a huge smile split my face, this band invoke pure bliss.

So the night came to a close. I took a cab home and got into bed by midnight, it's always nice when things run smoothly like that. The thing is though, these bands all speak to a deeper reality that guides us towards peace. In particular, Fight Amp simply crushed it, their set was fun yet also strangely serious. They joke around, but you can tell they get the grandeur of what they do. As for Elder, what can I say other than that you can tell these guys are veterans. They bring it hard and inspire thousands of fans across the globe. Few bands can do that, and they are among the best. Let their music ring in your ears with the hope for a better tomorrow.

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