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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cognitive - S/T

New Jersey is a distinctly hateful place. I would know, I go to a school that has a bunch of these demons running around. So it makes sense that any tech death band from that blasted part of the world would be distinctly evil and come roaring out of your speakers with a dedication to brutality that is by and large unparalleled in the world of metal today. See, Cognitive, with their first record have managed to come out, tear your hair out and beat the listener into the ground with an attack that will not be soon forgot.

When the bottom end crunch of these songs kicks in along with hyper-powered vocals and incredible riffing you know that Cognitive are in it for blood. Their slam derived riffs are a lot of fun to listen too and provide a fitting contrast to some of the more flashy moments on the record. This bands obsession with death is fairly standard death metal fodder, but the way they go for the throat is rare to find in the modern scene. Sure, Cognitive can get very cerebral, yet they always bring it back to the basics, gut wrenching vocal lines that leave the listener gasping for breath in a world that seems to have failed them.

New Jersey is not a happy place, or so I've been led to believe, I spend as little time as possible there. In a world of basic bitches and frat bros those who have been cast out have to resort to extreme measure to fully communicate the darkness of their own morbid realities. As you delve into the stripped back and violent soundscapes that Cognitive provide it's hard not to have a bloody grin decorate your visage. This is a band who are in it to kill and soon your life too shall end at the hands of a down tuned riff.

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