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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Iron Kobra - Might & Magic

"Attention, attention, the following record is meant to be played on 10," quite a way to start a record if you ask me! Iron Kobra have the balls of steel and the vicious riffs that are required to pass as a heavy metal band in this day and age. Coming from the speed metal side of things it's perhaps best to describe these guys as a nerdier Skull Fist. They've been around for 6 years now and Might & Magic is the veritable culmination of their work, proof that this kind of music has the power to reign loud and proud even in 2015.

From the start you know what you're in for, a hard rocking good time. Though the production quality suffers at times I feel as if it actually lends a sense of legitimacy to the music. The powerful solos and high pitched vocal attack combine to create the sort of triumphant sonic mutilation that captures the imagination and guides the listener on a musical journey. Iron Kobra are a lot of fun to listen too, they invoke Dragonlance-esque imagery with their songs and it reminds me of a much geekier time in my life. These are guys who took the silliness of power metal and gave it a slightly more old school touch, invoking Manowar, yet also Manilla Road, to get a sound that is energetic and easy to get in too.

At the end of the day, this is music for scaling the Tower of the Serpent and slaughtering Kobolds. Iron Kobra have managed to craft something lighthearted and oftentimes epic in scale. Bringing Thin Lizzy side by side with Hammerfall they manage to fuse ideas from across generations for a sound that is fairly unique, especially given the relatively limited confines of this type of music. Iron Kobra understand the spirit of fantasy oriented heavy metal, and when they turn it up, the adventure is only just beginning!

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