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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Minsk - The Crash And The Draw

I've always thought of Minsk as a sort of secretive brother to Neurosis one who was always compared to Neurosis and never neccesarily found its way out of Scott Kellys shadow. Then they dropped the Crash And The Draw, 75 minutes of mind boggling heavy metal madness that speak to the power of the genre and transcend common expectations of what a metal band can do. Ambient, bleak, and oftentimes destructive, Minsk have created something very cerebral and endlessly fascinating, music to save the modern man.

As you find the soundworld of The Crash And The Draw being painted around you during the opening moments of To The Initiate it's like entering a mystical kingdom for the first time. When those first penetrating power chords break through the void and hit you in the gut you realize that Minsk are the real deal and are here to kick your ass and yet also lull you into a strange sort of rest. Here is the band who grab the listener by the hair and beat them into the wall, showing that heavy metal is more than just music but also a veritable panacea to all of our problems, guiding us through the fire and the flames to something bolder.

The Crash And The Draw is a tough first listen, and probably not the kind of thing you'll spin and then jam again right away. No, this is a record that needs to be digested. There is a lot duality and finality found throughout The Crash And The Draw a strange sense of hope permeates the record and a common thread seems to unite these disparate compositions. Minsk have a clear artistic vision and are now coming into their own as a musical force who are changing the face of the genre, one deathly roar at a time.

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