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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Royal Thunder - Crooked Doors

One of the most hotly anticipated releases of 2015, Crooked Doors is the kind of record that can make or break this bands career. Royal Thunder are on a precipice and this could very well be the album that pushes them over the edge and makes them lords. Given the incredible progression from their last release and the sonic bliss provided by this record, it seems to me at least that Royal Thunder have the potential to break your world with this latest release, psychedelic and compelling, this is a record that takes you on a veritable musical journey.

There is something truly human about Royal Thunder that penetrates the esoteric magic that defines so much of this record. You feel yourself falling through space and time as songs like Floor wrap their way around your mind and carry you off to a distant land of milk and honey. Yet there is also a sense of desperation in the music, sublime and at times terrifying. Remember, these guys escaped from a cult and a certain sense of that quasi-religious power finds its way into Crooked Doors this is an album that is an easy first listen, yet the deeper you dig into the layered guitars and spacey female vocals the more you realize how destructive this band can be.

So let these guitar harmonies really sink in and try to wrap your head around the weird worlds that Crooked Doors paints for the listener. An album that seems to have infinite depth Royal Thunder craft intricate shapes with surprisingly simple instrumentations. There is a sense of heart rending majesty in songs like The Line and yet they never seem to use raw heaviness as a crutch. Deeply emotional and clearly the product of a deepset passion for the music, Royal Thunder are perhaps 2015's best rock band.

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