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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Skyforger - Senprusija


Skyforger have always been a little grimmer and angrier than many of their pagan metal peers. They have the touches of Northern epics, but that is not the only key element in their sound. It's not necessarily for every fan of pagan metal, yet over the years they have started to hone it into to something truly special and their latest offer, Senprusija due out April 6 sees the band at their finest. A group who have a wholly satisfying sound, digging into this latest work from Skyforger is a grand and noble adventure.

Perhaps the most notable thing about Senprusija is the powerful guitar lines that add mighty melodies under gritty vocals that are almost reminiscent of old school Teutonic thrash bands. Songs like Divi brali see Skyforger at their finest, bringing in the darker black and thrash metal touches that makes their music so unique while also using folk-derived melodies to keep things sufficiently grim and biting. There has always been a confluence of styles in Skyforgers music, and that's part of why I never got to deep into them, this new record though seems to suggest that they have found their path creating masterpieces that carry you away and then punch you in the gut.

No longer reliant on any real tropes and not afraid to make daring musical moves, Senprusija is worth many a listen. The viking cries and danceable melodies interact with more stripped down tracks that are almost straight up thrashers. There is a sense of power to Skyforgers music that shows how far they have come. Rewarding and yet also fairly accessible, Skyforger have proven themselves worthy of a place in the pagan metal pantheon and I have never been more excited for the future of these Latvian longhairs.

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