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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Acid King - Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere

Riff masters born of thunder who came to earth to deliver a crushing dose of beautiful and primal sound, Acid King were legends in their own lifetimes. Now they are back with their first original material in a decade and it is even better than before Herein is a band who have managed to take all of the magic that made them so special in the early 2000's and channel it into a world where doom has risen to the fore and thousands of bearded freaks around the world have started to worship at this bands altar.

While I'm not entirely sure if Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere counts as a comeback record, it certainly feels like an extension on the bands previous work. It guides you through strange worlds that rise up and then fade away, almost Debussy-like at times. Yet there are new elements here too, the band has seemingly taken note of the rise of female fronted doom bands and here and there you get vibes of bands like Subrosa or even Jex Thoth. As with those bands, digging into this record is easy, but it becomes even better with repeated listens. From the slow build of the intro to the epic choruses and crushing riffs that define the rest of this record, we see that Acid King are back and reigning proudly once more.

So hold your breath and dive in, try to see through the murk and uncover the raw power of the riff, after all, that's all that matters. Acid King understand the spirit of doom in its most stripped back form, and yet also know how to add in all sorts of unique layers to get a distinct sound. The duality of this band is endlessly fascinating to me and the more I dig in to what they're all about the more I fall in love with them. Sure Acid King fell of my radar for a little while there, but it seems like the doom lords are now here to stay.

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