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Sunday, March 22, 2015


Swarm Ep cover art

We have gotten to the point where a band who uses touches of djent makes me nostalgic. That being said, don't think that Swarm is a mere djent band. Sure they have taken elements of the genre to accentuate their sound and keep things exciting but one can not also deny the impact that video game music has on the bands approach. Swarm have created something powerful, occasionally anthemic, and perpetually jaw dropping, instrumental architecture for a modern age. The touches of blast beats are nicely accented by mighty melodic lines that come soaring out of your speakers with a ferocious touch. The thing is, most instrumental projects come across as masturbatory and over the top, yet Swarm have pulled together something that is worth man a listen and never boring. As I continue to uncover the layers of guitar tracks and top notch production I start to realize that this duo is turned on to something great and have the potential to be the next Cloudkicker. My only hope is that they start playing live soon!

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