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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eternal Armageddon - Black Thrash Bastards

Black Thrash Bastards cover art

I always find death metal demos from the East to be fascinating, that this kind of music could unite people who are worlds apart fascinates me to no end and such is the case with Eternal Armageddons new record Black Thrash Bastards. Bengalese metallithrashers, here is a band who are truly evil, from a country where metal is taboo Eternal Armageddon are bringing destruction of the finest degree. This is blackened metal at its finest, a sort of hodgepodge of genres that comes together to create something pure and true to the cause.

Speaking to core values that unite us all as metalheads, across the world there is something about Black Thrash Bastards that speaks to the human condition. Sure it's stripped down, has basement level production and is mastered waaay too low, but it's clearly a labor of love speaking to kids who work hard to create music that speaks to them and their friends. Stripped bare of all pretentious frills Eternal Armageddon are the band for a time and place, who speak to the brutality of life in a suppressed world and who seek to provide salvation for a generation who need salvation from the darkness that can dominate our day to day existence.

Metal from poorer nations has started to become a subgenre of its own, reminiscent of bands like Sodom, (Who Eternal Armageddon actually cover) they don't give a fuck about what you think, they just want to be loud. Yet Black Thrash Bastards in its poetic solos and moments of pure bliss. Eternal Armageddon have the power to be something more, and I think they know it. The entire demo scene out in the Indian subcontinent is fascinating and here is a band who have the chance to take the world by storm.

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