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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Witch Of The Waste - All Other Voices

 All Other Voices cover art

Chaotic, terrifying, triumphant, and occasionally funny metallic hardcore from Vancouver, Witch Of The Waste are more than just another reason to love Canada. Witch Of The Waste have a sound that contrasts moments of hardcore groove and crushing rhythms with strangely mathy melodic lines. The only band I might at all be able to compare them too is KEN Mode, but even then, these guys are far more technical, yet every bit as intense. Mixing in touches of modern prog to the terrifying attack, their new record All Other Voices is singularly fascinating.

The half speed drums that ricochet under searing guitar lines in tracks like Candlejack are the kind of thing that make this band memorable. There is a terrifying sense of destiny that attaches itself to some of these songs, driving their way into your skull like a demented set of nails, seemingly destined to hold you in place until the record has pummelled you to pieces. It's easy to get lost in the incredibly unique soundscapes and intricate rhythms found on All Other Voice it speaks to how musically mature this band is. They have the ability to tap into something much darker within us all and guide us to sacrificial bliss.

The raw energy and victorious madness that defines All Other Voices is singularly fascinating and hints at a much bolder reality that will give you a new look at what the future can hold for heavy music. Witch Of The Waste break all the boundaries and hold the listener in thrall. These guys understand what it means to stomp the listener into the dirt and make them a victim of their own reality. Turned on to something much darker than what most of us face on a daily basis, Witch Of The Waste are here to bust your fucking skull in.

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