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Sunday, March 15, 2015

God Mother

Blodfors cover art 

There is something innately satisfying about grindcore. God Mother understand this, and their unique brand of high energy face melting grindcore will leave you punished, bleeding out on the floor and praying for the grace of a merciful god. Their new record Maktbehov is 14 tracks of abusive, and at times anthemic grind. God Mother are certainly trying to transcend the genre, and here and there they start to succeed. There is a profound power to what these guys are trying to do and it will certainly capture your imagination. When the grooves hit and the breakdowns become ferocious you start to get a sense for the tantalizing sense of destruction that God Mother give off. When you feel yourself starting to suffer under wonderfully heavy riffs and your bones crack under a drum attack that is frankly intimidating you know that you have found something truly special that will guide you to the peaceful abyss.

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