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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Civil War - Gods And Generals

Oh Swedish power metal, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Escapist power metal with lyrics based around historical (Or in some cases pseudo historical) events Civil War are waaaaay too much fun to listen too and will have you pumping your fist for all ten tracks of their stunning debut Gods And Generals. Almost the cosmic opposite of a lot of the gloriously repugnant death metal I talk about here Gods And Generals provides some fun lighthearted listening that could very well inform and enlighten the listener.

The sense of epic militaristic triumph that dominates this record manages to avoid being nationalistic by drawing from events that happened in a variety of countries. It's actually kind of cool to hear this band first sing about the Bay of Pigs and then Braveheart followed up by a powerful anthem entitled Back to Iwo Jima. Sure - most of these tales of adventure and battle reference events in American history but remember the US has been at war for something like 95% of its existence. The point is - these Swedes are a lot of fun to listen too and will have even the most pacifistic listener start to consider the rugged beauty of a man in uniform.

Let these galloping rhythms and highly tonal arcs of sound work their way into your head. Each track is a veritable earworm and Gods And Generals is almost dangerously addictive. The sense of fun that dominates this record provides a reassuring boost to any in the depths of despair, the shallows of suffering or the well of sadness. What I'm trying to say is that with each flashy guitar solo and every march-oriented battle chant Gods And Generals becomes a little more charming, suggesting this may be the kind of record which can save the modern world.

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