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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dopethrone - Hochelaga

HOCHELAGA cover art

I'd been listening to Dopethrone for years when I found out that their manager was a friend of mine, so I felt obligated to review Hochelaga now that its dropped its almighty sludgy triumph upon our ears. There is a sense of crushing finality that gives Hochelaga a lot of flavor and reminds me why this band is seemingly set to take the world by storm. As they continue to expand their sound and refine their riffs we see the dudes in Dopethrone ripping open brave new worlds in sludge - proving the bands ungodly might.

I obviously don't need to address the bands Electric Wizard worship (After all - it's in the name!) but the use of samples and the construction of the riffs has in fact grown immensely since the bands first few releases. The wide open notes that characterize tracks like Chameleon Witch would never have worked on a record like Black Foil. Yet the drugged out majesty that defines so much of this music has in fact only grown. Dopethrone have been able to probe new levels of depravity even as they mature as a band. This makes for some very interesting listen that ultimately goes to show that there still is a lot to be said in stoner metal.

As Dopethrone get better at incorporating more contemporary influences into their unique buzzed out brand of stoner metal I think we're going to hear their sound continue to explore these beautiful new places. As the triumphant pentatonic solos that define this record soar into your heart and mind you need to let go and embrace the slow burn of Hochelaga. Dopethrone have started to truly come into their own with a sonic palate that would put many of their peers to shame. Let the doom wash over you.

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