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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Embrace of Thorns - Darkness Impenetrable

Darkness Impenetrable cover art

Existential crises are a way of life for some, I sure as hell know it - so the fact that a band as wonderfully brutal as Embrace of Thorns would directly address that is strangely satisfying. The blazing rhythms of these tracks is directly contrasted by the doomy elegance of some of Darkness Impenetrable's most profound riffs. The deeper you delve into the miserable waste that this record paints in your mind the more you realize that their is no bottom - and somehow that's okay, we can come to terms with that.

There is a sense of almost golgafrinchian terror that permeates this record. Pick apart a song like I Die Therefore I Exist and try to find the light within. It simply can't be done, these are anthems of destruction in a world of shit, yet perhaps they are the most authentic songs that will be produced all year. In a world where only death is real the wall of sound attack of Darkness Impenetrable provides a comforting - if grim - embrace that submerges you in terrors that go far beyond your darkest imaginings and in a way make you stronger. There is a sense of transcendent peace here, a way out hinted at beneath wide open chords and haunting melodies.

Darkness Impenetrable is probably not going to be the kind of record that the novice will get on first spin, but for the devotee this record will provide blessed relief. While perhaps not quite as fucked up as a band like Lord Mantis, there is certainly a lot of shit going on here and looking into the gaping maw of unbeing will perhaps guide you towards something a little less despairing. Embrace of Thorns have truly proven themselves with this record and what can I say? I'm left begging for more of this glorious blasphemy!

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