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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Drudkh - A Furrow Cut Short

Drudkh have always captured my imagination, perhaps never more than on their most recent release: the ever exciting and dynamic A Furrow Cut Short. The kind of record that blazes into your heart with a sonic assault that can't hep but capture the imagination Drudkh have outdone themselves with this latest release, an atavistic triumph that speaks to the human condition and reminds us of the glory that our pagan ancestors reveled in. One of the most potent and strangely peaceful black metal bands today, it's hard not to fall in love with the sonic rituals of this band.

These are songs that in a way... seep into the internal zeitgeist. They speak to something older and more potent that speaks to a more ancient part of the brain. What Drudkh understand is that rock and roll was just the first step in an epic journey that will ultimately bring us back to our roots. It's strange that something so distinctly European and pagan could evolve from what was traditionally a black music. The soaring riffs and sweeping soundscapes opened up by the sounds on A Furrow Cut Short are endlessly fascinating, the blazing beauty of these songs is impregnable and reminds me why I started listening to black metal in the first place.

As strange as It may sound, I can't help but find the music on A Furrow Cut Short to be comforting. In a world of hate and misery this stands as the kind of record that gathers the listener up in its arms, telling you tales of days of yore. When the albums last track – Till Foreign Ground Shall Cover Eyes slowly fades out you get a sense of completeness and release. Drudkh may have swept you up for a short while but the landing is just as graceful as the climax. Perhaps the least distinctly evil black metal band, Drudkh seem to only want to bring us peace.

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