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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Writing Off Tomorrow

Yeah, yeah, I've got to catch a train in a few minutes - but fuck it, there's still time to write, especially if I get to cover a band as exciting as Writing Off Tomorrow. Firmly in the sort of modernized metal mainstream that a lot of these major magazines seem to love Writing Off Tomorrow prove with their new EP Flirting With Death that they aren't just a part of a homogenized movement. Sure the sounds of this band are highly polished and they use a lot of hooks, but there is a lot more depth to be had here. The way that the bands dynamic frontwoman allows her voice to ring out triumphantly giving a wonderful sense of depth to these productions is charming. She has a profound understanding of self and it gives the music flavor. Furthermore the guitar riffs - while rarely violent or overtly brutal are easy to get in too showing off a contemporary hard rock sensibility. What I'm trying to say is that despite what my tastes might suggest Writing Off Tomorrow are a joy to listen too and are clearly talented musicians with the potential to go far.

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