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Saturday, April 11, 2015


I was expecting to just review a demo before going to sleep - not get oppressed with incredibly despairing and gloriously desperate doom. With super low pitched growls coming out of some sort of stygian crypt Famishgod are the kind of truly insane doom metal slaughter that attracted me so much to the genre in the first place. The incredible trudge of their new record Devourers of Light is frankly overwhelming. It leaves the listener beaten into the ground unable to reconcile themselves with the demented world that they have fallen into. There is a sense of utter brutality here that goes beyond any blast beat or riff. There is something physical about Famishgod - as if you feel your bones being pulled out of their sockets one by one. Even when the band speeds up there is a sense of crushing finality as if these are our last days here (get it?) and we have to press on no matter what the consequence. Famishgod have no hope and no sense of what tomorrow can hold, instead they focus on the suffocating terror of the everyday.

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