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Friday, April 10, 2015

Zombi - The Zombi Anthology

Zombi came just a bit before my time. I never really understood what the band was about, but The Zombi Anthology provides an interesting look into what defined this great - and nowadays quasi-legendary band. With lots of strange and surreal soundscapes the electronic musings of this compilation of early recordings is fascinating to listen too and speaks to the power of the band. A strange downtempo mixture of horrific melodies and terrifying vibes this record is an adventure to dig into!

There are a lot of really heavy sounds on this record - they pull at the heart strings and blow away anything that most grindcore bands attempt to do. The magic of Zombi is their ability to put incredible emotional power into highly electronic music. This duo has a strange way of pulling you in with samples and avant garde melodies forming the basis for a lot of really weird sonic explorations. This is definitely very thick music that takes a few listens to get in too - in large part because it reflects a sort of darker reality. As I delve into the surprisingly dense sounds found within it's hard not to fall in love with Zombi's poignant triumph.

Even the bits of The Zombi Anthology that sound like metal end up evolving into something incredibly different and profound. These guys are heavy on their own terms and it's hard not to be charmed by the crushing power that this can have. Never overwhelming yet always intricate in its simplicity The Zombi Anthology has captured my imagination. What more could you want out of a record than true intellectual stimulation? These guys dig deep into a world that is simply fascinating, demolishing expectations and forcing you to reconsider strange new realities.

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