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Monday, April 27, 2015

Hibernal - After The Winter

Hibernal has long been one of my favorite art projects. See, the genius behind the work, Mark Healy has been able to craft a beautiful and intricate universe featuring a variety of timelines. This latest epic After The Winter summarizes the events that took place in the latter half of Healy's companion novel of the same name. Featuring the same cinematic soundscapes that I fell in love witho n his two previous records this one man project continues to be stunning, exciting and at times jaw dropping creating complete music that never fails to impress the listener.

The thing is, with Hibernal Healy is able to craft incredible worlds, his tone poems perfectly reflect the plots being crafted with the music. The narration on this particular record seems fairly different than that on others, yet given the nature of the characters it makes a lot of sense. One thing I found particularly interesting in After The Winter is that it did not exactly reflect the events in the text. This actually makes for a unique listening experience as you're never quite sure what to expect. I certainly would be curious to here a more detailed audio version though, one that stays truer to the text. I feel like it would definitely accentuate the book.

The point being - Hibernal is holy shit levels of cool and After The Winter sees Healy at his best, crafting immaculate soundscapes on top of innovative story lines that are rarely heavy handed. Reflecting the human condition through the eyes of his beloved Synthetics Healy has been able to find a unique world for his fans to explore. There is something strangely charming about the Hibernal work and it will continue to find its place in my heart. This is exactly the kind of genre breaking music the industry needs right now and I'm excited to see where Healy takes us next!

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  1. Hello there. I really enjoyed your review. I agree that Healy is such a creative force. I've enjoyed every single album he's done. If you're interested, I wrote about this album on my music blog as well: