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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Profanator - Mvtter Vicivm

There is something deliciously vile about blackened thrash metal and the gloriously insane power that it holds. The demented might of Profanator is the kind of thing that keeps children awake at night in fear of something dark lurking under the bed. The raw energy and chaotic, triumphant evil of Profanator will capture your imagination and get you to strait jacket mosh yourself into oblivion. Profanator are thrash metal brought to the most demented extreme, seemingly destined to tear off your flesh.

There is a profound sense of groove found throughout their latest record Mvtter Vicivm, it keeps a very high speed and dangerous record from falling apart. The buzz saw guitars and open strings that accent these tracks are merely reflections of the raw chaos that defines this band. there is something strangely appealing about an act who seem to be perpetually on the verge of collapse. It seems unthinkable that a band could grind forward with this much intensity as long as Profanator do, but somehow they make it work, spewing blasphemies for eight glorious tracks, unthinkable death metal oppression to break the human heart.

Frankly, I'm surprised that more people don't know about Profanator. They seem to be hitting a lot of key markets, their distinct breed of blackened thrash metal is perfect for uniting longhairs from across the globe. There is a sense of sublime destruction and teeth pounding terror that makes Mvtter Vicivm immediately memorable. Profanator will force even the meekest into the pit as they are overwhelmed by evil soundscapes and drenched in vicious guitar tones. This is truly heavy metal to further enrage the savage beast within.

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