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Monday, April 13, 2015

Holycide - Toxic Mutation

Toxic Mutation cover art

Some days all is not well in the world. You feel yourself drowning in misery and you try to find respite in the terror driven worlds that surround you. What is a young man to do when the entire world seems to have him down? Listen to some thrash fucking metal of course. The balls out attack of Holycide is just the remedy one needs to find peace in a world of shit. Sure every day is pain and at times there is literally no reason to find joy in the world, but when you listen to Holycide thrash your eyes out with frilly riffs and harsh vocals you suddenly get a sense of peace.

There is a sense of inhuman desperation in these riffs, you feel yourself holding on for dear life as Holycide shake rattle and roll their way into your heart. There is a sense of catharsis here that grabs you by the hair and bashes you into a wall. Holycide play off a lot of thrash tropes, yet they never seem boring. Instead there angular and precise riffs blare out with machine gun accuracy driving each point home and beating the listener into the dirt. The twisted attack helps along the process too, the way the vocals seem almost torn out of the bands frontman is impressive, providing a harsh flavor to accent chaotic music.

At the end of the day there isn't much more to say about a thrash band who aren't afraid to say it like it is. With palatable grooves that will have you two stepping from the first Holycide know what it means to get bodies moving, crashing into each other and tearing each other open in the name of the lords of thrash. Though this is just an EP Toxic Mutation definitely hints at great things to come for this band And while some of the songs could be shorter (And with fewer gang vocals please!) these guys certainly are perfecting a masterful formula.

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