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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Woebegone Obscured

Deathscape MMXIV cover art

Is it wrong that upon seeing this bands name I immediately thought of A Prairie Home Companion? The thing is, the second Woebegone Obscure worm their way out of your speakers you realize you are in for a far more evil trip than anything the venerable Garrison Keillor could dream up. The sense of primal evil and sheer darkness that implodes upon you from the opening moments of their new record Deathscape MMXIV is shocking to say the least. The sense of crushing finality that gives fuel to Woebegone Obscured's rising fires is stunning, it shows an inhuman terror that only the truly lost can connect too. In other words - I really fucking dig it. The avant garde frills and despairing vocals speak to the soul and demonstrate that Woebegone Obscured are far more bleak than almost anything that has come before. Through the sublime quest for hope that Woebegone Obscured present one gets a sense that there will be a better tomorrow, a brave new day where we run faster, stretch out our arms farther - until one beautiful morning we find peace.

Or y'know, maybe I'll just get lucky and get hit by a car.

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