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Friday, April 10, 2015

Home Style Surgery

There is a certain perverse charm to thrash metal demos - especially from bands as gleefully technical and plainly out there as Home Style Surgery. With a wonderful band name and an even better sound Home Style Surgery sound like an old school version of Vektor. Don't get me wrong - I'm not comparing them to Voivod either, Home Style Surgery are actually something much more distinct than that. These guys have found a way of fusing the likes of Nuclear Assault with much more progressive and technical music, making their new record Two Essays Of Disturbing Human Behaviour all the more charming. As you delve into their sound you get the sense that hte band is holding on by a thread - almost ready to fall apart but not quite gone yet. This is part of what makes Home Style Surgery so appealing to me. They have a sense of honesty to them that many of their peers eschew. If you'r ready for hyper technical and kinda screw up riffs to break your bones look no further, Home Style Surgery are here for your head.

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