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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Bristol based death metal with great guitar tone and fun riffs, what more could a guy want out of a band? Kaldera are an exciting new force with a extremely satisfying sonic approach that fits nicely into the world of death metal while also finding it's own idiom. Part of this comes in the vocalists approach, she has a bit of a thrash touch here and there, making her throaty death growls a little more interesting. While I feel that she could probably go a step further to really make the sound evolve, she certainly does well enough for a first record, it certainly gives the entire thing it's own flavor. that being said, the raw songwriting is tasty and the instrumental passages are usually very well done. Rarely relying on chugs or technical ecstasy Kaldera have a great sense of melody which really helps to differentiate the band from the pack. Certainly full of potential, I'm curious as to what these guys do next!

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