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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Klaymore - Justifiably Pissed

Justifiably Pissed cover art

Some people say that power metal is kind of played out and doesn't have exciting stuff going down. People say it's lost its spark and now it's just silly music for the metal masses. With Justifiably Pissed Klaymore seek to restore the faith with a ferocious attack that bites down to the bone with hard hitting thrashy vocals that are directly contrasted by wailing powerful singing. This is the crux of the music and it drives Justifiably Pissed hard, keeping the band exciting and potent, proving these guys are rock and rollers who will take your soul.

While at first the whole concept seems a little bit formulaic, Klaymore quickly settle into a groove creating interesting songs that use fancy guitar work and their trademark vocal attack to help refine something that will endlessly fascinate the listener. The only real drawback I find to these guys is that the production quality is a bit subpar, things feel ab it too raw and with the vibe the band seems to want – well, better production would just put it through the roof. As is though, there are lots of great hooks here that keep things exciting and will have you singing along, even from the first listen. Justifiably Pissed proves that Klaymore know how to write some tight songs that will get you bopping along, even if metal isn't your main shindig.

At the end of the day, Klaymore are just fun to listen too. These Pittsburgh rockers have an aural assault that comes across as far tastier and much more inspiring than that of their peers. When these guys reach out, their voices soaring, guitars blazing and drums crashing, you realize that they are turned on to something special. As they refine their sound and develop their hooks they could take what is already a very strong formula and make it into something great, the sort of grim salvation that will carry you through even the darkest nights.

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