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Friday, April 24, 2015

King Hitter - S/T

Balls to the wall rock and roll featuring members of the lineup of Corrosion of Conformity Blind? Yes please! Incredibly potent and easy to get into King Hitter have managed to rapidly refine a song that is worthy of the attention of any fan of heavy music. There newly minted EP King Hitter sees them hitting the road with the Cavalera Conspiracy/Death Angel tour and they seem determined to come out covered in blood. This is hard rock in 2015 at its finest, brutal, honest and unafraid to bite you in the throat.

There is a sense of poignant darkness that nicely contrasts some of the more upbeat moments found in King Hitter. While the general timbre of the record tends to stay fairly uniform, the bands frontman Karl Agell is able to cover a wealth of emotions with his powerful vocal lines. The structure of the riffs seems rather distinctive with tails locking off tastefully and evidencing the enduring might that this kind of music can have. That being said, there definitely is room to grow here, I'd like to hear the band work on their dynamics even more and add a greater emotional depth to the soul searing work that they have put together here.

The fact of the matter is, regardless of anything else, King Hitter are easy to get in too. You hear them grinding into the listeners soul with songs like Suicide (Is The Retirement Plan) and it rapidly becomes impossible to deny this bands rising star. King Hitter guide you on a musical journey and to not permit yourself to take it violates your own agency. So let these songs ring forth, into your ears and heart providing a way forward and a way through the bitter murk that can define so much of our bleak existence.

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