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Friday, April 24, 2015

Sirenia - The Seventh Life Path

So, I'v never been into the whole gothic symphonic metal trip but I also haven't really given the genre a chance in a few years. Now that I've been presented with a new record from a band I never really listened too, Sirenia's The Seventh Life Path I see that things have come far since I was a long haired sixteen year old with a predilection for the occult. Now we find Sirenia crafting music epics that will capture the listeners imagination and carry them off on an epic and beautiful escapist journey into a finely constructed sound world that few could conceive.

As you delve into the magical sounds that Sirenia mastermind Morten Veland has crafted on this latest release it's hard to deny the all around mastery of the band. Sirenia have managed to hone a sound that is unique and yet also highly listenable. The goth rock fringes that provide flavor to a symphonic metal chassis are impressive. The thing is that Sirenia manage to convincingly add a sense of fun into some very serious epic music without making themselves seem silly. There is something transcendent about the wide open soundscapes that define tracks like Insania. Rather than relying on hooks (Not to say there aren't hooks) the pieces all seem to be building towards something greater which will ultimately grind the listener into the dirt.

Exploring this album is like falling into a strange fantasy world and exploring the cosmic triumph that it has to offer. Sirenia have created an all encompassing and charming work that can at once slam you into a wall and then suddenly blow your mind into a peaceful oblivion. The use of contradiction and pure poetry that defines this music is charming. It's easy to fall in love with what Sirenia do, and as I feel the waves of sound working their way into the twisted remnants of my mind I can't help but genuflect at the power within.

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