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Friday, April 3, 2015

Kings Destroy - S/T

The issue with a lot of the modern doom and stoner metal scene is that it's oftentimes fairly inaccessible for the untrained ear. A lot of these bands have become very cerebral and even alienating at times. For someone just getting into the genre, this is not exactly music that you can just dive in to. Kings Destroy seem to be seeking a sort of remedy to that. While their music is still intelligent and epic, it still stands as a sort of entry level doom band, one you can fall in love with and then use to guide you down the bleak path.

The thing is on Kings Destroy the grooves are powerful and heavy, but they are often counterbalanced by confident vocals and solid melodic lines that give a bit of a counterpoint. Sure the Sabbath worship is apparent, but there are also a lot of more contemporary stoner metal references tossed in here and there. At times I would think that Kings Destroy are influenced by bands like Clutch just as much as they are by Conan. Another thing that makes these guys a joy to listen too is the stellar production. These are songs that you can easily fall in love with simply because theysound good and guide you into fascinating soundscapes.

As you let these songs dig under your skin you start to realize that after multiple listens Kings Destroy are turned on to something much deeper too. This is a record that can stand the test of time, it remains charming and exciting despite the rest of the bleak realities it paints. Strangely addictive the stoned reveries of Kings Destroy plow right into your skull and prove that these guys get what this kind of music is supposed to be all about. Sure there are a lot of exciting heavy bands in Brooklyn right now, but I feel that Kings Destroy is the band who will help those just getting into it become active members of the scene.

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