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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Diapsiquir - L.S.D.

Twisted and experimental French heavy music, there is a special place in my heart for music that comes out of the Paris scene, the scene I grew up in. Diapsiquir have an intensely cerebral sound that is hard to initially dig in too. There is a sense of utter perversion that dominates the songs on L.S.D. that make them truly interesting. The way the band uses long form tracks in contrast with shorter weirder masterworks gives flavor to a release that can't help but be somewhat inspiring, if for nothing else but how unique it is.

There is something inherently fascinating to me about songs like Lubie Satanique Dépravée. The bands bizarre combination of moody atmospherics with grindcore along with a diaspora of other metal subgenres is fascinating to me and leaves the ear dancing around, trying to grasp for an understanding of what this band truly is. The fact that the sound is so diverse and bitterly unique is, for me at least, part of what makes them so gosh darned interestin'. L.S.D. begs for multiple listens because with every layer you pick apart you find another within multileveled production and bizarre songs you start to find a sense of truth.

This record is nothing if not honest. Sure it's convoluted and oftentimes hard to get in too, but so is life. The guys in Diapsiquir have a very distinct artistic vision and it seems to reflect some very tortured men who are reaching out to the world with a true sense of desperation and anger. the joyful bitterness that defines these songs is inspiring to me and showcases the eternal power that experimental music and outer sound can have, the fact that it comes across in a metal context is almost secondary. So dig in and enjoy the ride, L.S.D. is almost as good as its namesake.

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