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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mono Inc. - Terlingua

One of the things I find endlessly fascinating about SPV Records is how they don't feel at all obligated to just release metal records which means that every once in a while I get to listen to some really cool German rock that provides an interesting take on the genre. Mono Inc. are a band I've never heard of before tonight yet I have already fallen in love. Their synth heavy sound is multilayered and endlessly fascinating, pulling together all sorts of powerful ideas into a stunning release worth many a listen.

The thing is, Terlingua has a very distinct flavor, contrasting German and English lyrics, European vibes with wide open Texas plains and crunchy guitars with more pop driven elements. As you try to sink into the duality of Mono Inc. it strikes you how strangely natural this record feels. In some ways it's almost reminiscent of The Killers inasmuch as the songs have the same sense of organic flow. The vocals provide a reassuring sort of quasi-drone that layers on top of the music, sure the bands frontman can do more elaborate stuff but as is it keeps things simple and tasteful. Terlingua takes the listener on a journey, but it is never jarring, instead it is artful and oftentimes majestic.

The sense of the sublime that continues to dominate this record helps to make Terlingua all the more engaging for me. Mono Inc. have carefully honed a sound that seems to be reflective of the time and place in which they recorded this album and for that the band is able to stand strong. With a sound that is almost guaranteed to capture the imagination Terlingua has a potentially massive appeal. It's easy to close your eyes and fall into the endless power of Terlingua, Mono Inc. know they have created something special, and now you too can profit.

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