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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dyed In Grey - The Forgotten Sequence

One of the things that has made prog so hard for me to listen too lately is that after a certain point it's hard to transcend what people like Opeth or Dream Theater did in the late 90s. Sure the genre has taken interesting twists and turns, but most of it seems derivative. Dyed In Grey seem to manage to circumvent this by borrowing from all eras of prog, creating The Forgotten Sequence, an exciting musical journey that maneuvers its way through djent, symphonic music, and more, making for some very interesting listening.

There is a sense of totality in The Forgotten Sequence that makes it immensely satisfying. Building on the records predecessor, The Abandoned Part Dyed In grey have managed to formulate a sound that is far more complete. While these songs definitely have moments of highly technical metal madness you also get a lot of more subdued moments and a heavier use of clean vocals than I recall on The Abandoned Part. The compositions too have rapidly advanced. In particular the drumming on this record, courtesy of Darkest Hours Travis Orbin is stunning, adding a whole new level to the world created by the music. These guys are quickly making a name for themselves as an extremely exciting band in what too often feels like a stifling and overcrowded genre.

Far more human than many of their peers Dyed In Grey manage to strike a delicate balance between technical ecstasy and emotional and touching music. There is something rather beautiful about this latest creation that navigates distinct tone worlds, using jarring chords in direct contrast to soulful guitar lines to craft something truly special. Dyed In Grey know what it means to build iconoclastic and engaging music that pushes the boundaries. These guys are destined to melt your flesh and then bring you back to earth, get ready to take a musical journey you won't soon forget.

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  1. I agree. Adam Edgemont is a musical mastermind who somehow manages to put his soul to music. Amazing.