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Friday, April 3, 2015

Nervous Impulse

Time to Panic cover art

The holidays are an extremely stressful time for everybody. Dealing with relatives with high expectations is never an easy task, so what better way to purify yourself than with some fucked up and angry Canadian grindcore? The all out brutality of Nervous Impulse is frankly impressive, and as someone who listen to a lot of grind, I can say that these guys definitely take it to anew extreme. Perhaps its the ominous bass line whose ominous parts provide a sense of evil to the music, or perhaps its the truly demented vocals, but there is something within Nervous Impulse's dedication to brutality that will soothe the savage beast. These guys don't just go for the throat, they come across as a sort of meat grinder, tossing you in and then spitting you out, ground up into a thousand finely wrought pieces. Twisted lords of a genre that most choose to ignore, Nervous Impulse are going to rip you apart and make you a slave to the ungodly powers that be. A band who are not to be trifled with, prepare yourself for the abuse to come.

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