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Friday, April 3, 2015

The Moth - And Then Rise

I first saw The Moth opening up for Conan back when I lived in Paris. I was impressed at their fairly unique sound, but perhaps more at their frontwoman, Cecile, who had really cool boots. That's not a joke, they were pretty rad. I remember talking to Cecile for a few moments before going off to hang out with the Conan guys who have since become close friends of mine. Suffice to say I was pleasantly surprised when she hit me up asking me to cover her bands latest groovy offering And Then Rise, nine tracks of stoned heavy metal fury.

The almost faded out quality of the vocals, which remain remarkably stolid, is one of the first things that capture my imagination about And Then Rise. It gives the entire thing a unique vibe, just a little bit hooky, but almost more meditative than anything else. When the female vocals and gritty male singing start to interact, you commence to get a sense for the grandeur of this release. What's refreshing about this record is that though it does have some grit, it doesn't seem to rely on it. Sure, the bitterness and sorrow is there, but it's not a crutch as is the case with many other stoner metal bands out there today. Instead And Then Rise sees The Moth crafting out a unique path with powerful riffs that grab you by the gut and carry you all the way until the albums epic twenty minute closer, Fire.

A band who are unafraid to pound forward, relentlessly pushing the listener to darker pastures crafted from mysterious and often unnameable elements The Moth are something special. These guys are driving towards a more profound future and have the potential to take the world by storm. They are significantly more innovative and passionate than any of their stoner peers, and I know that with just a little bit of buzz people will be able to see that The Moth are quite probably pointing towards the next logical step in redeeming rock and roll.

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