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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Noisem - Blossoming Decay

Noisem blew us all away with 2013's Agony Defined, now they're back and more fierce than ever, a gloriously fucked up monstrosity of a band who seem destined for greatness. Their sophomore offering, the ever potent and wondrously vicious Blossoming Decay sees the band having grown by leaps and bounds. Months of hard touring have made these guys far more mature and it's reflected in nearly every aspect of the music. Though Agony Defined was great, Blossoming Decay takes all of the themes found within and reinvigorates them with fucked up triumph.

Still staying close to their roots Noisem definitely have kept a lot of the death-thrash elements that made Agony Defined so good. That being said, the band has branched out bringing in touches of grind and more traditional death metal to keep things dynamic and evil. The chugging guitars on a track like Cascade of Scars are nicely contrasted by the hyper speed drums of Another Night Sleeping In The Cold. See, Noisem have made this record far more personal, and that's what makes it all the more intense. Tylers vocals hint at true desperation here, showing a man, well a teenager really, on the edge, ready to melt the world with incredibly honest earth shattering screams. The haunting violin parts found throughout the record are simply another layer to the terror within, providing a glimpse at both the terror and maturity the band has come to terms with since their debut.

See, some people seemed to think that Agony Defined was just a flash in the pan and that Noisem would go down as a one trick pony. Instead they have grown into perhaps the single most important death metal band in the world right now. They take all of the traditional elements of the genre and invoke a new gloriously evil layer. Sebastians riffs have always had a distinct flavor and now we see him confidently pummeling the listener into submission, which is a fitting metaphor for the entire album really. Noisem are back and hungry for blood, will you be there to join the hunt?

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