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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Caught In A Crossfire

A tasty young punk act with a distinct visual aesthetic, Caught In A Crossfire are, simply put, fun to listen too. These guys storm out of the gate with melodic gutiar lines and a lo fi pop punk sound that has a very distinct type of nostalgia power for me. Beyond that though, Caught In A Crossfire are sipl good songwriters. Sure they rarely stray from their beloved power chords asides from a simplistic melodic guitar line here and there but that's kind of the point. Caught In A Crossfire have been able to use a few rather stripped down elements to formulate a sound that is honest and to the point. Their new record Lighten Up  seems to capture the ethos these young Brits have been trying to capture. Fully aware of their own charm this is a band who are practically begging for a full length. They've managed to craft something that feels just loose enough to be cool but tight enough that it remains professional. A band who are not afraid to walk the line between order and chaos, if Caught In A Crossfire can keep up this clip, they have great things in store for them.

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